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You can view the entire range of products in our online store by clicking on the link.

Auto materials online store with worldwide delivery

In our online store you can buy materials for car interior upholstery, furniture upholstery, noise and vibration insulation, sewing car covers and car mats, sewing clothes, bags and accessories.

Our office and warehouse are located in central Russia and we work according to Moscow time (GMT+3). You can view photos of our warehouse and estimate the range of products in the section about the company. You can view our location address in the section contacts .

Acceptance of orders in the online store is carried out around the clock. Approval of orders takes place within one hour around the clock. Sending paid orders is carried out within one day. You can contact us anytime in any convenient way:

  • Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber - +7(937)597-25-20
  • E-mail -

Price policy

All products in our online store have 4 types of prices:

  • Retail price. Available for retail buyers and is valid when buying a meter-sized product from 1 linear meter, or when buying a piece product from 1 piece.
  • Wholesale price. Available for wholesale buyers and is valid for purchases over $70. In order to obtain the status of a wholesale buyer, it is necessary to make a lump sum order for an amount of $700 or more. More information about the conditions for wholesale buyers can be found on the page partnership.
  • Price for a small roll/package. A more favorable price, which is achieved due to the fact that we have prepared a roll of material of a fixed length in advance, or packing a piece of goods of a certain quantity. The price is available to all buyers.
  • Price per factory roll/package. The most favorable price, which is often even lower than the wholesale one. Since selling the factory roll/packaging, we do not bear the costs associated with measuring, cutting and recounting goods. The price is available to all buyers.

Delivery and packing of orders

We ship orders worldwide. For more information about the delivery and calculate the cost of delivery, please visit the page delivery.

Sending paid orders in 95% of cases occurs within a day. For all stages of the order (creation, editing, approval, payment, shipment) you will receive an email to your email address.

Each item in you order is checked before shipment for kinks, bends and various factory defects. Well, if it nevertheless happens that, through an oversight of our employees, a defective or spoiled product comes to you (jammed, stained, has a factory defect), then we are always ready to exchange it or compensate your costs by providing an additional discount on future purchases on our online store.



  • PayPal online payment. The main method of paying off orders sent outside the Russian Federation. It is completely safe and money is credited instantly. PLEASE NOTE that according to PayPal's billing policy, payments are accepted ONLY from personal accounts. When you try to pay from business accounts, the system will give an error.
  • Payment by international transfer. Payment systems available: Western Union, Contact, Unistream.

For more information about all payment systems, the commission for payment, as well as additional information about paying for goods, please visit the page payment or during the checkout process.

All orders are shipped after 100% prepayment, which in most cases passes instantly, and in the case of non-cash transfers within 1-2 days.