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Eco leather fo furniture upholstery


On the SHYMKA.RU website you will find a huge assortment of eco leather. All eco leathers are united by the fact that they are pleasant to the touch, soft, elastic, their thermal conductivity properties are close to wood, that is, they are "warm". In over word, we offer you eco leather for upholstery any element (furniture, car interior, etc.), you will feel comfortable touching it, sitting on it, it will delight the eye.

All eco leathers on our website "breathable", that is, they let air through themselves. This property of eco leather is indispensable for hauling furniture with it. Such furniture is pleasant to touch, sit and lie on.

Above is a list of what eco leather is used for. Go to the desired section and you will be presented with only those eco leathers that are used in this section. This will make it easier to find the eco leather that you need.

On our website, you can not only order eco leather for upholstering any item, but also furniture foam rubber of various density and hardness. So that eco leather and foam rubber do not fray with each other, they can be glued together using an aerosol glue Fensol 60 Fentac that is ideally suited for these purposes. This glue practically does not smell, it is sprayed with a thin transparent cobweb and quickly glues foam rubber and eco leather together.

As a ready-made solution for upholstering various elements both at home and in the car, we have on sale eco leather Oregon on foam rubber 5mm with backing. Just buy this eco leather and upholstery your old furniture, fixing the edges with a furniture stapler.