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At the moment, only part of the English menu is displayed on the site.
You can view the entire range of products in our online store by clicking on the link.

Partnership with SHYMKA.RU


  • As you have already noticed, next to each product there are three yellow buttons, by clicking on which you put the product to the shopping cart.
  • Left button with retail price - at this price you put the product to the cart if you want to buy less than a package or roll.
  • The middle button with the price per roll or pack - at this lower price, you put the products to the cart by packing or roll. If you do not need a product in packaging or in rolls, then press the left button to buy a small amount of goods by the piece or by the linear meter.
  • The right button with the wholesale price - at this price you put the products to the cart if you are a wholesale buyer and the total amount of your order at wholesale prices is not less than $70. (in order to become a wholesale buyer of our online store SHYMKA.RU, you need to make a one-time order at wholesale prices for more than $700).



  • we only sell catalogs, stands and shop equipment; we do not send them for free, as there are a lot of them